Welcome to All or Nothing Tattoo and Piercing.

Our books are open – call us to book your appointment or discuss your designs.

We are a new tattoo parlour, but this doesn’t mean that we don’t know our ink and needles.

We cover a range of services, from consultation and design work, to laser removal.

We have four open plan chairs, and a secluded treatment room should you require a little more privacy for your session.

We also offer a discount to the fine service men or women of our community.  Bring along photo ID and proof of work (i.e. payslip or work ID) and a discount will be applied to your ink.  This covers services such as police, fire brigade, army, medical… you get our drift.

Our apprentices are now juniors and tattooing at a lower hourly rate @£60 an hour   Get yourself a bargain with these talented young people and get a tattoo from £30 with them.

So, have a look around the site and use the contact us page should you wish to discuss anything with us.

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