Something little that means so much.

Thanks to all of you that came down to the studio yesterday, it was a great day and a buzzing feeling. Here are a few of the lovely creations that people got inked by Pow. Gaby did a great job of drawing up to demand! Now that you have met us, why not consider booking your next piece with us? Books are open and we are eager to help you get some amazing ink!

Grand Opening – Grand Success

It has been absolutely brilliant to meet the guys that came down to the shop today.  We want to thank everyone for being so patient as it was so busy and some people did have to wait a long time; that said, the atmosphere in the studio has been amazing and we met some amazing people.  Some of the tattoos have been sentimental, some silly (formal chicken… say no more!), but most of all the studio has been buzzing with ink and chatter.

While the £10 tattoo offer was only for today, get in touch with us for your tattoo needs…we are now taking bookings and open 7 days a week…what are you waiting for?

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Grand Opening – Update

We are still open and the tattoos are rolling on!  Had some fab visitors to add to the opening… Maybe you recognise them from Gogglebox!  Everyone who has visited so far has been awesome and their ink looks great!

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Stuck for an idea for Saturday?

So, you know we are doing £10 tattoos on Saturday 10th March 2018… Maybe you really want to come down and get a little something but are stuck for an idea… well here is a great little flash, created by the lovely Gaby to give you some ideas.

Where would you be going for a tenner?

Big News!  The shop is now open for business, and artists are pumped and ready to get your awesome designs on to your skin.

In honour of this great occasion we  are running a grand opening event on Saturday 10th March 2018.  Come to the studio and you can have either a very simple small design of your own choice or something off the flash from £10!

This sounds too good to be true right?  But this is a good way for us to meet you all and let you meet us.

Head on down to All or Nothing this Saturday and help us open in style.

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