Here at All or Nothing we offer a wide range of services.  Keep your eyes peeled over the coming days to this page for an up to date list of services and estimated prices.


Consultation – Free

Per Hour – £80 (Pow and Jin)

Day rate £400 (6 hours) 12 till 6

Junior artist rate (Wez and Gaby) is £60 per hour

Junior artist day rate £300 (6 hour ) 12 to 6

Custom Design – Quote on application

From the Flash – dependant on the design

Deposit – £50  All deposits non refundable. Reschedule of an appointment can be made up to 48 before the appointment , any later and you will lose your deposit.  Design must be confirmed before appointment.  We may be unable to change designs on the day resulting in deposit being lost.

Minimum Standard Charge from – £30

Hands Neck or Face Minimum charge from -£50

Hands neck or face £50 (unless there is a special event… Always check the home page for these)


Ear lobes : £15

Cartilage: £30

Daith: £30

Industrial/Scaffold: £30

Nostril: £25

Septum: £30

Navel/Belly: £30

Surface: £30

Eyebrow: £30

Nipple: £30 Pair: £50

Tongue: £30

Lip: £30

Smiley: £30

Cheek: £30 or two for £50

Genital: £50

Inner Ear (conch/Tragus/Rook etc.): £30


Tattoo aftercare products which are sold on sight are all vegan and use natural ingredients such as coconut oil and sweet almond oil which promote healing and keep your newly tattooed skin soft and supple.

Widow Cranky Tattoo Wax – £10

Widow Cranky Coconut Coffee Tattoo Scrub (recommended for use towards the end of the healing process) – £10

Tattoo Deposit

Once you have booked your tattoo over the phone with us, you will be asked to come here and select to pay the deposit for your booking. Please only do this when you have spoken to us. Do not pay a deposit before giving us a call.



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